Remembering Dr. Laurence Adams

Remembering Dr. Laurence Adams, a year after his passing. Join us in honoring his legacy at Colorado Springs Neurological Associates. We welcome you to share your memories and thoughts  and explore more about the impact of Dr. Adams on our Facebook page. His heart of gold, dedication to patient care, and knowledge of neurology continue to inspire us at CSNA. 

He welcomed me to CSNA with so many stories and history lessons. As a clinician he was one of a kind and his patients and their families felt a genuine and special connection with him. As a person he was so proud of his role as a husband, father, and grandfather. I learned a lot from him in that respect and when my daughter was born a couple of years ago he was so excited for me and we exchanged pictures of my girl and his grandkids often, I miss him dearly.
Andre B
I met Dr. Adams 20y ago when I was interviewing with the old CSHP. I just remember him being very friendly and saying a lot of things about professional baseball that I knew nothing about. I had been in Colorado Springs for less than a year and Dr. Adams told me that he liked me and if I ever wanted a job with CSNA to just let him know. Little did I know I would take a job here 17 years later. About 2006 there were almost no neurologist in Colorado Springs and for about a year Dr. Adams, Dr. Bowser, and myself took weekly turns seeing all the neurology consults at Memorial Central and Penrose. Now there are about 14 neurohospitalists hired between the 2 hospitals to do the same thing. Dr. Adams still has an uncanny presence in this building as in this group. He is very missed.
Dr. Drake McDonald
Dr. Adams had a heart of gold that touched everyone’s life who came in contact with him. My career started and has grown at CSNA for 13 years and I’m forever grateful for his impact he has had on my life. His support was always one of comfort and knowledge. I loved his teaching presence, he was always willing to help people learn more.
Nikki F.
Operations Manager
Dr Adams was a comprehensive neurologist, he researched every available resource to make sure he provided the best and most appropriate treatment for his patients. Dr Adams was also very knowledgeable, he enjoyed sharing his knowledge of neurology or any topic.
Bridgette B
Clinical Operations Manager
Dr. Adams was a great neurologist but also a great mentor. I fondly remember discussing tough and interesting cases with him in the hallways of CSNA. I miss this interaction deeply and hope to continue this tradition of physician teamwork and collaboration.
Dr. Julia Brinley
Dr. Adams was the OG of CSNA. He would push limits and fight for his patients. Infusion’s relationship with him was one of mutual respect. His visits to the suite usually consisted of him eating our snacks and asking for the run down on his patients. Our patients still miss him dearly. And both the patients and us nurses know… there is no one that could ever replace him.
Kristen M.
Infusion Nurse
Dr Adams was a fountain of knowledge and compassion. He always had a tidbit of information that was ridiculously interesting about any topic you could think of. And his baseball facts, they were never-ending in the best way. But more than anything, his compassion showed in both his patient care and his staff interactions.
Krystal H.
Revenue Cycle Manager
Quite often I meet with patients who share how much Dr. Adam’s devotion to patient care impacted their lives. Dr. Adams set the stage for interdisciplinary teamwork at CSNA, and I greatly enjoyed opportunities to collaborate with him on shared patients to ensure that they were receiving the best possible care. I strive to carry on his exemplary patient interactions with every patient.
Dr. Brittni Morgan
It is difficult for me to encapsulate Dr. Adams. His legacy lives on at CSNA. I will always remember his character, his broad knowledge of neurological conditions (especially the rare ones), and the way he cared about people. I always try to honor his memory by treating his patients the way he would have.
Dr. Kim Wagner
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