Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s Disease Clinic

CSNA’s Huntington’s disease multidisciplinary clinic provides comprehensive care for patients and families with Huntington’s disease. Our team of professionals is specially trained to address many issues that may arise from the condition, ranging from depression and swallowing disorders, to concerns such as safety in the home. Through personalized programs, advanced technologies and intense therapy, Colorado Springs Neurological Associates and HealthSouth teams are able to help many patients lead more productive, quality lives.

Screening Specifics

Each screening for Huntington’s disease takes approximately two hours, with a professional and experienced team member guiding the way. After an evaluation is made, you and your referring physician* are provided with a plan for recommended treatment. To attend a screening, please see the scheduled evaluation times below.

*The hospital provides access to independent physicians.

Screening dates are the 2nd Tuesday morning of January, April, July and October.

For more information about our Huntington’s Disease Clinic, please call 719-473-3272.