Colorado Springs Neurological Associates (CSNA) is proud to offer a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to Huntington’s disease (HD), patient care, and family support.

The Huntington’s Disease Clinic is led by Director of Research Dr. Christen Kutz and aided by a team of specially trained professionals.

In partnership with Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Colorado Springs,CSNA is able to provide personalized treatment plans that utilize advanced technologies and intense therapy to help many patients lead happier, more productive lives.


The next clinic screening will be held on January 11, 2021.

For more information about our Huntington’s Disease Clinic, please call 719-473-3272 or CLICK HERE to contact a CSNA representative online.

What to Expect

Each screening for Huntington’s disease takes approximately two hours. Patients can expect a guided experience led by a professional, experienced team member.

Patients will have the opportunity to be evaluated for neurology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, social work, and neuropsychology. Research opportunities may be presented if they’re available.

Additionally, genetic counseling and testing may be offered to at-risk patients through Penrose Hospital as part of a recommended testing protocol.

After an evaluation is made, patients and their referring physician will be provided a recommended treatment plan (the hospital provides access to independent physicians).

In addition to examination and screening, the Huntington’s Disease Clinic provides support and guidance on issues that may arise from the condition. Topic information ranges from managing depression and swallowing disorders, to concerns about at-home safety.

To attend a screening, please call 719-473-3272 or CLICK HERE to contact a CSNA representative online.

Clinic screening dates are held quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday of January, April, July and October. The next screening will be held January 11, 2021.

More About Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease is a hereditary genetic condition involving a single defective gene inside one of the 23 human chromosomes that carry an individual’s genetic code.

Diagnostic testing allows us to detect the defective gene known to cause this progressive brain disorder, which is commonly characterized by involuntary movement in the arms, legs, head, face and/or upper body.

Huntington’s disease, however, may also cause deterioration in thinking and reasoning skills, memory, and concentration. Depression, compulsive thoughts or actions, and unprovoked anger are common behavioral alterations also expressed by patients.

There are approximately 30,000 people in the U.S. with Huntington’s disease; and approximately 200,000 more are at-risk, having inherited the gene from a parent.

There is currently no cure for Huntington’s disease and no way to slow or stop the brain changes it causes. Treatment plans typically focus on managing problematic symptoms like chorea (involuntary muscle spasms), irritability and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Learn More About the Huntington’s Disease Clinic at CSNA

Finding an effective treatment plan can take time and collaboration. We encourage patients with Huntington’s to explore CSNA’s multidisciplinary clinic at one of our quarterly screening events held on the 2nd Tuesday of the following months: January, April, July, and October.

If you have questions about Huntington’s disease or the HD Clinic available at Colorado Springs Neurological Associates, please call 719-473-3272 or CLICK HERE to contact a CSNA representative online.

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Colorado Springs Neurological Associates (CSNA) recognizes that neurological disease doesn’t stop for a pandemic. While under the restrictions of COVID-19, telehealth appointments will be made available to our patients.

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